5 Celebrities Who Smoke E-Cigarettes

People are often surprised when they first discover electronic cigarettes as an alternative to traditional cigarettes.
It’s as if they’ve just discovered a new world right under their noses.
So its equally shocking when they realize there are a ton of celebrities who smoke electronic cigarettes too.
And the Katherine Heigl interview on David Letterman was certainly one of the more widely publicized examples of celebrities that smokeelectronic cigarettes. In the clip she not only described how she was able to successfully switch to e-cigs, but even tried it out right in the studio, giving David a puff of his own!
But Ms. Heigl is only one of the revealed celebrities who smoke e-cigs.
And when one considers the number of Hollywood personalities that smoke cigarettes and the rising trend of smokers switching to electronic cigarettes, we will likely see a lot more in the future.
Still, here are some candid snapshots of some e-smoking stars:
Leonardo DiCaprio
Leonardo DiCaprio
Dicaprio puffs an electronic cigarette on a leisurely bike ride in L.A.
K Federline with e cigarette
K Federline with e cigarette
Federline introduces his e-cig to amazed onlookers at the bar scene.
Nikki Reed of Twilight carries her electronic cigarette through the airport.
Nikki-Reed smoking e cigarettes
Nikki-Reed smoking e cigarettes
In an interview with Parade Tom Petty promoted his new e-cig habit.
Tom Petty with e cigarette
Tom Petty with e cigarette
Also, in case you missed it, here is Johnny Depp smoking an electronic cigarette in the December 2010 movie “The Tourist.” The celebrity seems more comfortable with his e-cig than with a beautiful woman like Ms. Jolie:
Johnny Depp
Johnny Depp

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  1. Tracy says:

    The picture above Johnny Depp is NOT Tom Petty. It's Eric Roberts. Look him up. Tom Petty, too while you're at it!

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